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Who are we?


Steve Thompson

Steve is a New Zealand Powerlifting Record holder and founder of Getstrength.com. He has competed in two IPF World Powerlifting Championships.

Steve holds four New Zealand Powerlifting records and two All-round Weightlifting World records. Competed in the sport of Powerlifting for more than 18 years.

Specialties: strength and conditioning.

Kevin Strachan

Kevin Strachan hasbeen involved in Powerlifting and strength training for more then 30 years. He has been a NZ Champion and record holder (powerlifting) in 4 weights classes and 3 age divisions. Currently Masters (3) - 60 plus. Over the last 10 years he has dedicated his time to coaching some of NZ top powerlifters though to a world level.

IPF Raw World Championships 2016
Squat - Bronze
Bench - Bronze
Deadlift - Bronze
Total - Bronze
3 x NZ Powerlifting Master Records


Real World Band Testing

To get you the very best price possible, these bands are shipped direct from the manufacture - we have cut out the middle man

Estimated Delivery Time:14-20 days (most of the time much sooner)

StrengthBand.com presents the most functional and versatile addition to your power and speed training.

(home / gym / team / travel)

Strength Bands are used to add resistance or assistance to almost any power and speed training exercise.Strength Band Videos.

Our seamless mandrel made latex Strength Bands are guaranteed* against breakage and are resistant to fading and white marking. We are proud to say that our StrengthBand.com Strength Band is World leading in strength and durability, please check out our terms and conditions for more information on our warranty.