Weightifting Shoes

What is the difference between the Weightlifting shoes you sell and the Deadlifting Shoes?

This is really simple, the DeadLifting Shoe has only a 5mm flat sole with no heel. Very similar to a wrestling shoe or boxing shoe to some extent.

The GS Lifting Shoe creates better leverage in the Deadlift by having the lifter closer to the ground, it may only be a few mm, but it can make a huge difference when you are at 100% of your lifting strength (Maxing out, Contest etc)

The GS Lifting Shoe is also higher cut in the ankle, giving the lifter more ankle support while Deadlifting in conventional or Sumo styles.

The Weightlifting Shoe also has one strap that goes over the top of your foot. This stops the foot from moving around inside the shoe, in return making sure your base is stable at every possible angle. Its all about limiting movement inside the shoe. The strap will allow very minimal lateral movement without compromising stability.

Doing overhead work is dangerous without a very stable base. This includes both the shoes and the Lifting Platform/ floor and such movements should not be performed on a rubber floor.

The WL Shoe heel should be around 25mm, the 25mm heel puts you in a more favorable position at the bottom of the lift when catching the bar in Olympic lifting.

The 25mm heel also provides extra stability when squatting narrow or wide.