Knee Sleeves

How to use Knee Sleeves and what is the difference between Knee Sleeves and Knee Wraps? Thank you for question, we get asked this question a lot.

I will start by explaining the difference between Knee Sleeves and Knee Wraps, the Knee Wrap is a 2 meter long strap that you wrap around your knees prior to lifting.

The Knee Sleeve is 5-7mm neoprene tube that you slide over your knees that covers and protects your knees during lifting.

Its probably easier to explain why most athletes/lifters prefer the Knee Sleeve over the Knee Wrap. The bonuses with the Knee Sleeve is that the sleeve being made of 7mm neoprene keeps the warmth in the knee joint to help prevent injury and also speeds up recovery. The Knee Sleeve will also give you support during lifting, much like a Knee Wrap but with a wrap you need to keep taking the wrap off and on to keep blood circulating around your legs, you do not have this issue with the Knee Sleeve unless you are using a Powerlifting comp fit but this is a different story all together.

So the main reason why lifters prefer Knee Sleeves is ease of use, with many benefits!

The Knee Wrap should be used in very heavy Squatting and Leg exercises. But the majority of lifting including Olympic Lifting the Knee Sleeve would be the perfect option.